Laser Alignment / Vibration Analysis

Laser Alignment

Misalignment is a major risk to operation of rotating machinery. It affects the efficiency, safety and reliability of equipment. Extended machine reliability through laser alignment is a major factor in increasing safety and efficiency.


  • Shaft Alignment - Horizontal & Vertical Shafts
  • Machine Train Alignments
  • Bore Alignment
  • Straightness Measurement
  • Flatness Measurement


Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis should be performed as part of a preventative maintenance scheme in order to reduce the possibility of unexpected failures or down time. Typically, VA is applied to rotating equipment such as shafts, pumps, motors, gearboxes etc. Conditions such as unbalance, misalignment, resonance or rolling element bearing faults can be detected assisting in remedial action.

Specialized instruments capable of measuring very small accelerations are used to measure and analyze vibration.

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